New generation Wonderful sight of birds taking flight for the first time

Having a terrace garden is very hard work. Day-in and day-out, its sweat and laborious routine of watering and de-weeding. One day you miss on this routine, the visual remonstrance lamenting our crass carelessness is quite obvious. The sight of slender twigs hosting brilliant greens stooping to ground, will make any heart sob. My mom, a gentle angel that she is, never allowed that to happen. On one hand I always envied those plants which without fail were blessed to bask in the warmth of her love, tender caress  and affection, while on the other hand wondered how worthwhile was it to invest so much of time and effort everyday on maintaining such a huge garden. 

I understood why the effort was worth its weight in gold, last week, when I witnessed one of the most beautify scenes. Second generation of Prinia (or Warblers) taking their first flight. The symphony of vocal instructions and orchestra of the training moves exchanged between mom and its chicks was a sight to behold. Some of the photos













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